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Shared insights on co-creation in Healthcare U Create, We connect

In 2016, U CREATE initiated a workshop in which researchers affiliated with the four Dutch Centres of Expertise (CoE’s) focussing on health issues shared their knowledge on co-creation for health, by debating the content of their submitted papers. This publication marks the follow up in which the collective knowledge is aggregated by means of cross-paper analysis. Ultimately this collaboration is aiming for a growing network of professionals with like-minded ambitions for co-creation within the health care environment. The purpose for this publication was to find common ground for future projects, from research initiatives, collaborations, and knowledge exchange to educational programs.

‘Once the health professionals are interested and keen to collaborate, another phenomenon emerges; the clashing eco-systems of the tightly regulated healthcare environment and the ’freewheeling’ nature of the design research workflow.’

Tanja van der Laan

initiatief: Ucreate

editor: Tanja van der Laan

co-editors: Karin Alfenaar, Remko van der Lugt, Albine Moser

uitgave: 2017

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